What is Youth Rising's Sources of Strength Program?


Our goal is to raise enough money to introduce and sustain SOS in at least six more middle schools and high schools combined. Please consider giving more sources of strength by donating today!


SOS Trainings

Prevention experts warn that programs emphasizing risk are less likely to work as well, and researchers say there is little evidence that one-time lectures or one-day events have any effect at all. They also state that sustained effort must include making students part of the intervention and not the target of it. Youth Rising is working to integrate SOS as a county-wide movement in middle schools and high schools. SOS is the first available and proven suicide prevention program involving peer leaders to enhance protective factors associated with reducing suicide at the school population level.
· Reduce the acceptability of poor mental health & substance abuse as a response to distress
· Increase acceptability of seeking help
· Improve communication between youth & adults,
· Develop healthy coping attitudes among youth
· Positively modify knowledge, attitudes, & overall behaviors