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TASHA- Founding Executive Director tasha@youthrising.com

Tasha felt drawn to stand up for the underdog from a very young age as she experienced alcoholism and neglect from one parent and mental, emotional and verbal abuse from her other parent. In high school she was continuously kicked out of her home. Tasha was a top athlete, dancer, and musician but she began to struggle with depression, suicidal thoughts, insomnia and binge drinking as things took a toll.

In her late teen years a counselor advised her to get emancipated, but instead her parents forced her to go to an abusive wilderness boot camp in the middle of winter in Northern Idaho (Ascent) which has since been forced to shut down. After coming home and missing too much school she chose to attend a small alternative school that promoted life skills and employability skills through half-work days and half-school days.

After graduation, as a 19-year-old single mother, she became a top Realtor and purchased her first home by age 20. She later ran youth-agencies full-time while simultaneously attending college online full-time. She obtained her B.S. in Community Development with Emphasis on Community Services, and she completed her M.Ed. She has since managed many youth-serving agencies, developed coalitions, and organized community-wide campaigns. She has obtained millions in grant awards and contracts in an effort to help sustain those agencies and programs. She is currently a licensed Realtor in CA, OR, and ID.

Today, Tasha finds great personal value in being a part of a movement which empowers young people and rural communities to conquer through their hardships and attain the quality-of-life they deserve. She believes the “underdogs” have the most potential when they realize their inner power, strength, and purpose.

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BRITT WEIDMAN Program Director britt@youthrising.com

Britt Weidman is currently the Program Manager for Youth Rising. She started as the Youth Coordinator in November 2015 and has enjoyed developing and creating relationships with the teens who are part of Youth Rising and the community members and volunteers who have generously donated time and resources to making the Drop-In Center a better place for teens.

Britt was born in Missouri and moved to Klamath Falls at an early age. Following graduation from Klamath Union High School, Britt attended the University of Oregon and later transferred to Oregon Institute of Technology where she received a bachelor of science degree in Applied Psychology. Britt is very passionate about serving Klamath County and making it a great place to live. When she is not managing the Teen Center, Britt continues to work as a server at a locally-owned restaurant. Britt has worked at KB Brewing (The Creamery) for over 8 years and has developed strong relationships with her patrons and fellow servers. Britt is extremely invested in making Klamath better for teens and is so appreciative that she has a job where she can make a real difference.

In her free time, Britt loves spending time with her beloved canines (too many to mention by name) and her pet rat.”


HANA HOPPEZAK Drop-in Center Support

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