Our Team

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Tasha felt drawn to stand up for the underdog from a very young age, especially with alcoholism and various family struggles being a part of her childhood.  At age 19, Tasha became a top Realtor. She later received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Community Development and completed her Master’s Degree work in Education. She has since managed many youth-serving organizations, developed coalitions, and organized community-wide campaigns. Within 18 months after founding Youth Rising, she authored and obtained nearly one million dollars in grant awards to help sustain the grassroots effort and programming.

Today, Tasha finds great personal value in being a part of a movement which empowers young people to conquer through their hardships while learning to use their voice for the greater good. She believes that the “underdogs” have the most potential when they realize their inner power, strength, and purpose. 

Tasha spends her free time hiking, biking and playing outdoors with her two kids and her labradoodle named Romeo.  



Britt Weidman is currently the Program Manager for Youth Rising. She started as the Youth Coordinator in November 2015 and has enjoyed developing and creating relationships with the young people. Britt was born in Missouri and moved to Klamath Falls at an early age. She graduated from Klamath Union High School creating lasting friendships and connections within the community. She received her B.S. in Psychology from Oregon Institute of Technology and continues to be passionate about serving Klamath County. Deepening her relationship with area residents, Britt continues to work as a waitress at a locally owned restaurant, where she has worked for the past 7 years. She loves the little town of Klamath Falls and can’t wait to watch our young adults rebuild and reconnect in our community.

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KRISTEN KONKEL                                                 DIR- PREVENTION & RESEARCH

Kristen Konkel is an Assistant Professor of Applied Psychology at Oregon Institute of Technology. As an undergraduate, she studied both Psychology and Philosophy at the University of Akron in Ohio and then she later attended graduate school and studied Applied Social and Health Psychology at Colorado State University. There, she gained extensive experience in prevention program design and evaluation, innovative methodology and research design, and adolescent health behaviors. Her Master’s thesis focused on community engagement for LGBT populations, and her doctoral dissertation focused on developing novel delivery mechanisms for evidence-based interventions to reduce youth-substance abuse.